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Running low on vape juice? There are two different types of vape, and how you refill your e-cigarette depends on which type you have.

If you have a closed system vaping device, the e-liquid is contained within a tank or a cartridge and can’t be manually refilled – you'll need to replace the tank or cartridge by simply unscrewing the old one, discarding it and screwing a new one back on.

If you have an open system vaping device, however, you can top up the e-liquid manually. Read on to find out when you should top up your e-liquid, plus a step-by-step guide for refilling your e-cig. 



When should you refill your vape device? 

How often you refill your e-cig will depend on how often you vape and always refer to your user manual first, but here’s what to look out for: 

  • If you notice you’re running low on e-liquid  


Most e-cigarettes have see-through windows on their tanks or cartridges, so you can easily see when you’re running low on e-liquid. To prevent your coils from burning, you should never let your tank get lower than a quarter full.

  • If you start to notice a weaker flavour when you vape 


As your e-liquid runs out, you may notice the flavour – as well as the amount of vapour you exhale – becoming weaker. This is called a ‘dry hit’ and means you’re almost out of juice. Make sure you refill your e-cigarette when you notice this, as the next step will be an unpleasant burnt vapour.



 Steps to refill an e-cig  

  1. Always refer to your user manual first, but here’s a general guide on what to do: Disassemble your device
  2. Place the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle on the inside wall of your tank, avoiding the centre tubing
  3. Hold your device at a slight angle and gently squeeze the e-liquid into the tank  
  4. Fill the juice to the desired level, using the clear window to ensure you don’t fill past the top of the window (as this could cause leaking)
  5. Screw your device back together   
  6. Take a few short drags to prime your e-cigarette 

Now you know how to refill your vape, explore our range of e-cigarette devices and put your skills into practice.

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