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Vape Troubleshooting

The Ultimate Vape Troubleshooting Guide

Vapes are relatively straightforward devices. But, like all electronics, things can sometimes go wrong. Whether you’re here to learn how to fix a broken vape or wondering how your device can malfunction, keep reading for everything there is to know about vape troubleshooting.

Common vaping issues

From batteries and heating elements to tanks and e-liquid, the parts of a vape can wear down or break if your device is exposed to rough or damaging conditions.

Ten Motives devices are made to last. But if you encounter leaking, crackling or problems charging your vape, there’s no need to worry. Find the answers to your vape troubleshooting questions below.

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Why does my vape taste burnt?

An unusual or unpleasant taste when vaping can indicate a burnt coil. The coil inside your vape can burn after chain vaping (vaping with no pause between puffs), which can cause the wick to dry out and overheat. This can also happen if you’re running low on e-liquid. Activating your vape device without e-liquid means heating up a dry wick, which can cause a burnt taste.

Learn more about why your vape might taste burnt in our guide.

How to fix a burnt vape

You can prevent a burnt vape by ensuring your e-liquid is topped up to the correct level. This might mean topping up the tank or changing the cartridge (for Vuse devices, they’re called ePods) when the e-liquid runs low.

If your vape lets you adjust the device power, stay inside the recommended range to avoid burning the coil. 

Chain vaping is a common cause of a burnt coil, so you may also want to alter your vaping technique if you encounter this issue; take longer, slower hits and pause between puffs to avoid overheating.

How to tell if a disposable vape is burnt

If you have a disposable vape, you might notice a burnt taste after chain vaping (taking a lot of puffs without a break). Or, your disposable vape might taste burnt if the e-liquid inside is low or empty.

To solve the issue, take a short break between puffs and try taking longer, slower inhales to give the coil enough time to absorb e-liquid. If the problem is that your vape has run out of e-liquid, dispose of it responsibly and transition to a new device.

Why is my vape leaking?

Liquid coming from your device may be from condensation as vapour meets the lower temperature of the mouthpiece. Condensation is nothing to worry about; wipe it away and continue vaping as usual. If your vape is leaking e-liquid, check the tank or cartridge for cracks or damage that might be causing the problem.

How to fix a leaking vape

Check the device for cracks or damage that might cause e-liquid to leak. If you spot any issues, you may need to replace the part or pod. Be careful when refilling a tank vape from a small e-liquid bottle; drops of e-liquid left outside the tank can leak from the device later, so be sure to wipe away any mess before vaping.

Why is my vape spitting or crackling?

Your vape might be spitting or crackling because the coil inside is oversaturated with e-liquid. This can happen if you don’t change the part when needed or prime your coil with too much e-liquid.

How to fix a spitting or crackling vape

Pen, pod and disposable vape devices are less likely to spit or crackle. These closed-system devices are easy to use and maintain, with no need to change or prime the coil.

To fix an open-system device, prime with patience; avoid overloading the coil with e-liquid. You can also try absorbing excess e-liquid with a paper towel.

Why is my vape battery not working?

If your vape isn’t working after a full charge, there might be a problem with the battery. Lithium batteries, like those inside vape devices, wear out after a while and must be replaced. At the same time, a broken vape battery might be caused by an issue with the charging accessory.

How to fix a broken vape battery

If you’re fixing an open-system vape, replace the broken battery with a new one to solve this problem. Closed-system devices may need to be replaced when the battery wears out, although they are designed to last for a long time. If you suspect a problem with your charging accessory, replace this and recharge your device to continue vaping.

Why is my vape hot?

Vapes contain a heating element that transforms e-liquid into inhalable vapour, but they shouldn’t stay hot or overheat. The power setting may be too high if an open-system device feels hot. At the same time, old e-liquid buildup might be restricting airflow, or chain vaping could be causing the battery to overheat.

How to fix a hot vape

If your vape gets hot after use, ensure you aren’t chain vaping. You may need to change your technique, taking longer, slower draws and pausing for a few seconds between them to give your device a chance to cool down.

You may also want to check the power settings on an open-system device. Ensure you haven’t overloaded the tank and clean your device to remove any residue disrupting airflow. If you think a problem with the battery is causing your vape to overheat, follow the advice above.

Why is my e-liquid turning brown?

E-liquid can turn brown (or a darker shade of yellow) when it comes into contact with oxygen. This process is called oxidation and is nothing to worry about; oxidation doesn’t affect e-liquid quality or consistency.

How to fix brown e-liquid

Brown or yellow e-liquid is nothing to worry about and doesn’t need to be fixed. If you’re concerned that your e-liquid has expired, check the expiry date on the packaging before use.

Sore throat when vaping

You might experience a sore throat if you use a vape that’s low on e-liquid. This is called a ‘dry hit’.

How to cure a sore throat from vaping

To avoid a sore throat from using a device low on e-liquid, keep your vape topped up. Replace the cartridge or refill the tank when e-liquid runs low.

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