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Where You Can Vape

A Guide to Where You Can Vape in the UK

Most nicotine consumers understand UK law around smoking in public places. But how do these regulations translate to vaping? What are the UK vaping laws, and where can you vape in the UK? 

Read on to learn where you can and can’t vape in the UK, including the rules for vaping indoors, at events and on public transport.

What are the UK vaping laws?

Smoking in the UK is banned indoors, in public spaces and on public transport. Vaping is more of a grey area, with rules often left to the discretion of venues or service providers.

Many public spaces have applied the rules of the 2007 smoking ban to vaping, asking you to step outside or move to a dedicated area to vape. This includes many pubs, restaurants, offices, public transport and other public spaces.

If they have established rules or restrictions, those in charge can remove or ban you from a venue for ignoring them.

The latest vaping regulations

Vapes are relatively new devices, so it’s not unusual to see regular updates to their laws and restrictions. Some of the most important UK vaping regulations to be aware of include the following:

The minimum age for buying a vape is 18 years.

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) 2016 and the Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhaling Products (EU Exit Amendment) Regulations 2020 enforce strict safety and quality standards on vapes and e-liquids.

Nicotine content in e-liquid is limited to 20mg per ml, vape tanks are limited to 10ml capacity and e-liquid cartridges are limited to 2ml.    

Important vaping etiquette

Practise good vaping etiquette in public spaces to ensure those around you feel comfortable. Although vaping can be considered more socially acceptable than smoking (devices don’t produce smoke, odour or ash), applying the same considerations to vaping and smoking is good etiquette.

Ask those around you if they are comfortable with you vaping.

Try to keep vapour away from others.

Don’t vape around people who are eating.

Don’t vape around children or minors.

Avoid vaping at work or in professional situations unless your employer and colleagues have expressed their permission.

Follow the rules around vaping in public spaces.

Where you can and can’t vape in the UK

So, where can you vape in the UK? And where, if anywhere, is it illegal to vape? Keep reading to learn the rules and regulations around vaping in the UK.    

Indoor areas

Vaping indoors is technically legal in the UK; no laws ban vape devices indoors. However, rules and regulations may be imposed by specific venues, organisations or service providers.

Public spaces

Pubs and restaurants, theatres and cinemas, offices, shops, and other indoor spaces likely have their own rules around vaping. Many establishments apply the same rules to vaping and smoking, asking you to step outside.

Whenever you’re in an indoor public space, check with a staff member before vaping to avoid inconvenience.

Public events

No UK law prohibits vaping in stadiums and arenas, whether watching sporting events or concerts. However, rules may be imposed at the venue owner’s or event organiser’s discretion. Many indoor arenas ban vaping, like smoking, asking nicotine consumers to step outside or visit a designated area to vape.

Public transport

There is no outright law banning vaping on public transport. However, most UK service providers have rules for the stations and services under their jurisdiction.

For example, Transport for London, Northern Rail, ScotRail, National Express and Arriva Buses have introduced vaping bans on their transport services. National Rail manages most of the UK’s busiest train stations and has introduced a vaping ban across all stations and platforms.

Airports and planes

You can carry your vape through UK airports and onto planes. However, the same rules apply to smoking and vaping; vaping is banned on planes and in UK airports. Some UK airports provide designated smoking and vaping areas for passengers, usually outside the terminal building.

Learn more about vaping in airports and planes in our guide.

Vaping with Ten Motives

Now you understand where you can and can’t vape in the UK, you can use your Ten Motives e-cigarette with confidence. If you’re travelling abroad with a vape or e-liquid, always check the rules and regulations in your destination country before arrival.

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