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Vaping in Planes and in Airports

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaping on Planes and in Airports

International travel can involve a lot of planning. From packing and commuting to navigating terminals and enjoying a comfortable journey, there’s plenty to consider before reaching your destination. Nicotine consumers can make travel more straightforward by understanding the rules around vaping in airports and on planes. 

Wondering if you can take a vape device on a plane? Or considering the best way to travel with extra e-liquid? Read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of travelling with vapes.

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Can I take my vape on a plane?

Yes, you can carry your vape on a plane, but you can’t vape on board. UK airlines also ask passengers to keep vapes in hand luggage; they aren’t allowed in the hold (in the bags you check in).

How many vapes can I take on a plane?

The number of vapes you can take onto a plane varies from airline to airline. Some UK airlines let passengers take up to 20 devices on board. Others only allow 2. Check with your airline before travel to avoid inconvenience.

Can I take e-liquid on a plane?

You can take e-liquid on a plane, subject to the same restrictions applied to other liquids and gels: stored in a clear plastic bag in individual bottles of 100ml or less. Passengers can carry a maximum of one litre (10 x 100ml bottles) each.

Can I vape on a plane?

No, vaping on planes is banned by UK airlines, and attempting to do so can have legal consequences. Wait until arriving at a designated vaping area, usually outside the terminal building at the destination airport.

Can I use my vape in the airport?

UK airports apply the same restrictions to vaping as smoking, which means you cannot vape inside terminal buildings or other facilities on the premises. Some airports provide designated areas for nicotine consumers, usually sheltered spaces outside the terminal.

Airports in destination countries may have different rules. It’s best to learn the restrictions before activating your device abroad. 

Airline policies on carrying vapes

How many vapes you can take on board differs between airlines, so it’s a good idea to clarify the rules with your chosen company before travelling. For example, some of the most popular airlines in the UK have the following regulations:

EasyJet: Passengers can carry vapes and two spare e-liquid bottles or cartridges in hand luggage. E-liquids or cartridges must be kept in a clear plastic bag with other liquids.

Jet2: Passengers can carry two vapes each and up to 20 spare batteries. E-liquid refills and cartridges must not exceed 100ml and be presented with other liquids at security.

TUI Airways: E-liquids must be under 100ml, packed in a clear plastic bag with other liquids and presented at security. Passengers can take more e-liquid or larger bottles in checked luggage.

British Airways: Passengers can take up to 15 devices on board, including vapes, spares, phones, tablets and other electronics. E-liquid bottles and cartridges must not exceed 100ml and be presented in a clear plastic bag at security.

Emirates: Passengers can take up to 15 devices or batteries on board, including vapes and e-cigarettes, phones, tablets and laptops, with spare or loose batteries in hand luggage only. E-liquid must be presented in a clear plastic bag at security.

Virgin Atlantic: Vapes are allowed in hand luggage, individually protected to avoid activation. E-liquids must not exceed 100ml and must be carried through the airport in a clear plastic bag with other liquids.

International vaping laws and etiquette

Different countries have their own laws and regulations around vaping. Your destination country may not follow the same regulations as the UK, so checking before you arrive is essential.

Research the laws around vaping before you land to ensure a smooth experience.

Looking after your vape abroad

Take care of your vape abroad by considering the potential risks in your new environment. Devices should be kept out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and away from moisture. This might mean keeping your vape in a shady spot or protecting it from exposure to rain or snow. Spare e-liquids are best stored in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard or drawer.

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