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Much more robust than the normal clearomisers and packs more of a punch. Lasts me around 2 weeks of reasonably heavy use. I also like the way you can use the CE5 with the Cirro 3 battery although it does drain the battery quicker.


Can't Recommend Enough!

At first, I was hesitant to purchase the Mini Lambo due to the lack of reviews published underneath the description. However, since buying this product, I could not be more amazed at the power, efficiency and battery life that this product offered. Since acquiring my first Mini Lambo (approximately a month ago), I have not yet experienced any problems at all. As an experienced 'Vaper', I can assuredly say that this battery is powerful, resilient and produces quite a bit of vapour! Understandably, this battery is a little more costly than the EVOD Twist VV Spinner battery, but it is worth every penny in my opinion.


Great little device!

This Vape pen is small but allows you to Vape with flavour and fairly decent amount of cloud. It's been quite a smooth Vape with the actually vaping and holding of the thing in your hand. Also, I love the different colour lights you can make glow when using it, plus the overall design is really nice!

D Underwood

Gone to heaven

These are delicious, I thought nothing could top the Cherry ones as a flavour but 10motives you have done it again. They have a lovely thick creamy sort of peach flavour, like a posh fromage frais is the only way I can describe it. If you like the Cherry and Strawberry ones I am sure you would like these too.


Visit your childhood!

Love this flavour - tastes exactly like those little black sweets we bought for a penny! I recommend this company too - everything always in stock, orders always come the next day. A pleasure to do business with you - keep up the good work.



What are electronic cigarettes/e-cigs?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking. It is widely acknowledged that most of the harm associated with conventional cigarettes is caused by the toxicants in the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco. We are dedicated to the development and commercialisation of alternative nicotine products that don’t contain tobacco to deliver nicotine to the user.


Depending on your taste, the Ten Motives website stock regular, low and high nicotine strength refills for e-cigarettes. If you want to add some variety to your vapour, you can choose from an extensive range of flavoured refills including menthol, vanilla, strawberry, and even blended varieties! The range also includes eLiquids and refills at different VGPG ratios.

Did you know:

Ten Motives and Cirro eLiquids are manufactured in the UK to a pharmaceutical grade, ensuring consistent safety and quality

 Ten Motives and Cirro products are fully compliant to all relevant UK & EU e-cigarette regulations and trading standards

All 10Motives and Cirro products contain zero tar*
*By ‘no tar’ we mean no tobacco derived tar. This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products

10 Motives is the #1 UK ciga-like *
*10Motives 71% value share in cigalike format – Nielsen Scantrack, YTD Data to: WE 10.11.18

Cirro is the #1 eLiquid brand *
*9.1% market share, Nielsen Scantrack value share % 2018 YTD Data to: WE 27.10.18

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