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So I purchased this after 3 of my friends had also purchased this product, so i've quit smoking but found that the batterys give no warning when they run out so this is a great product to have because you never run out of POWER!!! a great purchase and a must have!


Couldnt do without these e-cigs

Having smoked all my adult life, I have tried so mant times to quit in the past. I made a New Years resolution at the end of 2012 and havent smoked since. I went 7 months without a fag and the urge to restart was so strong I had to go on e-cigs as I would only be letting myself down if I touched real fags. I tried other brands briefly but nothing touches the quality of 10 Motives. I cannot stand being around smokers now and the smell of smoking and second hand smoke in the air makes me feel quite ill and reminds me of the damage I have been doing to myself and others for many many years. Fortunately I have not suffered any health defects mirculously as my GP tells me, and all I can say is that I will never smoke again and can recommend ten motives to anyone who seriously wishes to quit for good. I was a complusive smoker, so if I can do it anyone with a small degree of will power can.

Graham (Surrey UK)

11mg filters

Was very happy to see you have introduced lower nicotine filters. I cannot tell the difference between the 16mg and the 11mg so will be switching to the 11mg. Would very much like to see zero nicotine introduced to your range. Menthol flavour is my favourite, smooth flavour unlike the 'cigarette' tasting ones which I find very harsh after a few puffs. Highly rate 10motives. Excellent customer service and speedy delivery



The best taste and great product will only order these now after trying all flavours. Thank you.



I was admitted to hospital last January with lung problems, not for the 1st time. I used to carry on smoking when home again. One day I overheard a dr/cons. say that I'd had a heart failure. I was so shocked, I haven't smoked a cigarette since. The reason for that is luckily my husband knew I wouldn't be able to stop smoking. He also knew there were substitutes available I could try. The first thing I tried was 10 motives, it looks like a cigarette, all you need to do is re-charge the filter tip. For me 10 motives is the closest I could ever get to an ordinary cigarette. None of my family or friends can believe I have really stopped smoking. I can't believe how lucky I've been. Maria



What are electronic cigarettes/e-cigs?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking. It is widely acknowledged that most of the harm associated with conventional cigarettes is caused by the toxicants in the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco. We are dedicated to the development and commercialisation of alternative nicotine products that don’t contain tobacco to deliver nicotine to the user.


Depending on your taste, the Ten Motives website stock regular, low and high nicotine strength refills for e-cigarettes. If you want to add some variety to your vapour, you can choose from an extensive range of flavoured refills including menthol, vanilla, strawberry, and even blended varieties! The range also includes eLiquids and refills at different VGPG ratios.

Did you know:

Ten Motives and Cirro eLiquids are manufactured in the UK to a pharmaceutical grade, ensuring consistent safety and quality

 Ten Motives and Cirro products are fully compliant to all relevant UK & EU e-cigarette regulations and trading standards

All 10Motives and Cirro products contain zero tar*
*By ‘no tar’ we mean no tobacco derived tar. This quality does not necessarily mean this product is less harmful than tobacco products

10 Motives is the #1 UK ciga-like *
*10Motives 71% value share in cigalike format – Nielsen Scantrack, YTD Data to: WE 10.11.18

Cirro is the #1 eLiquid brand *
*9.1% market share, Nielsen Scantrack value share % 2018 YTD Data to: WE 27.10.18

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