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e-Cigarette Benefits

If you have been searching for the best electronic cigarette, look no further. Here at Ten Motives we are proud to provide you with a wide range of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. We stock disposable e-cigarettes for those who want to try e-cigs, or for people who want one on a night. If you want something for a special occasion, we even do electronic cigars! Alternatively, if you enjoy e-cigs and don’t want to keep buying single cigarettes, we supply rechargeable cigarettes as well as a whole host of refills.

No matter how you like your vapour, we have a variety of strengths to suit you including low, regular, high, extra high and Classic American flavour. Variety is the spice of life so why not try some of our delicious flavoured refills, such as vanilla, blueberry or watermelon? We have a lot of experience with e-cigarettes. Our accessories are a collection of items that our customers cant live without, from spare batteries, pocket carry cases, to mains and USB.

Here at Ten Motives we are as passionate about our products as our customer’s satisfaction. Take a look through our website, and if you cant find what you are looking for call us on 01270 897 444.

Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigs vs. Traditional Cigarettes

  • E-cigs do not contain tobacco
  • Nicotine has been proven to be less harmful than tobacco
  • E-cigs provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes
  • E-cigs produce an odourless vapour so you won't smell of cigarettes
  • E-cigs can be used as an alternative to tobacco

E-Cigs Explained

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are the evolution of traditional tobacco smoking. Rather than inhaling the smoke of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes use technology to vaporise nicotine-infused water. 


Depending on your taste, Ten Motives stock regular, low and high strength refills. If you want to add some variety to your vapour, you can choose from an extensive range of appetising flavoured refills including menthol, vanilla, grape, and even chocolate!

Tried and tested

Our Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine Cartridges have been fully tested by an independent laboratory. Our products comply with all relevant trading and medical standards.

*Active Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerin, May contain nut traces*

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