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Low Strength Refills (11mg)

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Enjoy a superior smoking experience today and discover e-cigarettes for yourself with these low strength tobacco flavour electronic cigarette refills.

Leave behind traditional cigarettes and get with the future today. Indulge your senses in the greater taste, better value and ultimate satisfaction of a premium electronic cigarette, and enjoy the freedom to smoke indoors once more.

This is smoking refined, improved and enhanced, and whether you’ve already switched to vaping or are interested in finding out more with an e-cigarette starter kit, there’s nothing quite like the pure, refreshing pleasure and realistic smoking sensation offered by Ten Motives refills.

In our pursuit of the best electronic cigarette possible, we have combined the atomiser and cartridge components into one highly efficient unit to deliver a greater mouth feel with an authentic, full-bodied tobacco taste that reaches all the way to back of the throat. Enjoy the feel of traditional cigarettes with the total satisfaction of an e-cigarette capable of providing a greater smoking sensation than is typically enjoyed through normal electronic cigarettes.

The advantage here is the optimised link between the nicotine and vapouriser, which produces a more efficient connection and therefore a superior vaping experience. Each refill contains the nicotine of up to 25 traditional cigarettes.

This isn’t a simulation of smoking. E-cigarettes are to traditional cigarettes what the light bulb was to candles. Step into a new world of satisfaction with these low strength tobacco flavoured electronic cigarette refills.

*Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerin, May contain nut traces*

Order your low strength, tobacco flavoured tan electronic cigarette cartridges online at Ten Motives.


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Customer reviews for "Low Strength Refills (11mg) "

"a real help"

I smoked for 50 years and, with the help of these low strength "cigarettes", I have just completed 2 years without a single cigarette. My only criticism would be that they do dry my lips, but they have been an enormous help. And delivery is super fast/efficient.

Gurisa on 07/10/16

"These have helped me to give up smoking"

After many attempts to give up smoking, I have managed it, thanks to these. I've been "clean" for a year and a half! I strongly recommend anyone who has tried other methods to give them a go.

Gurisa on 20/05/16


Just thought I would leave a reveiw I've used these for a long time now and I've never had a proper cigarette for overv two years these are brillent no horrible after taste like other company's I tried best thing I ever done I how now when people used tobsay u stink of cigarettes. As the smell I horrendous when I go near anyone smoking and I smoked for over 20years no more will I ever smoke again I never miss a proper a cigerette with these they are brillent highly recommend to anyone top service

refills on 11/05/16

"8 months tobacco free!"

Started out on the regular strength refills, recently moved to the low strength and got used to the drop in nicotine very quickly. I can't even imagine going back to real cigarettes now.

Jessi on 08/05/16

"11mg Refills"

My wife and I have been using 10Motive products for over two years, we have stopped real smoking completely. The refills are good and reasonably priced. The only complaint I have is the batteries do not last very long, about six months, and they are rather costly to replace.

Bright-Spark on 24/05/15

"refills "

Excellent products been smoking for teenty years till i tried these excellent taste haven't had a proper cigerette in two years highly recomend great service and customer support fiuve star

refills on 14/05/15


I found the 24mg too strong, BUT the 11mg are terrific! I'm cutting down on ciggies every day. As I'm in Australia I'm happy I can get these online :-)

Mandy on 28/09/14


I have been on these 5 months now, but must admit i still smoke 3 cigs a day...after meals, why, psychological, ive been smoking for years, give me time! this is the best to date to help cut down/pack imo in fact i prefer these to a proper cig, , im on the lowest 11mg strength which I wish were available in the shops :/ and found some cartridges are empty, I have been contemplating a try of another brand to compare, and after reading another comment about being expensive its got me wondering. They work out about half price of my tobacco, so im saving and its nice not to smell of stale tobacco.

fag ash lil no more on 07/03/14


Been on them for 18 months, yes they do work, but getting more and more expensive. Some also do not work for some reason, no explanation given by the company ! Anyway, wait until they offer them at half price, then buy over £50 of then and you also get free postage ! A blooming good saving. I have found to buy them at full price it is cheaper to smoke again ! Buy hey, suppose the health benefits are better, I hope !!!!! Just waiting for them to go to half price again ! If they do not in the next 2 weeks, I am moving to another company as they are cheaper !!!!! Check out ALL the leccy ciggies, some are way cheaper.

Brian on 26/02/14


These are great, I seem to get more relief from my cravings with these over real fags but there's more- After making love to my wife I always want to smoke afterwards, my wife does not smoke and hates me getting out of bed again and hates the stink surrounding me afterwards, these have allowed me to stay in bed stopping the cravings ruining the moment I've just had! So e cigs are good for your sex life as well as your health!

0steve0 on 11/09/13

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Rated 4.5/5 by 11 customers

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