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Whilst this initiative must be applauded, its success may be ultimatley thwarted by human nature - we only finally give something up or make a change when we are ready, and not when we are told to! Quitting anything you enjoy is hard work, whatever the consequences, because enjoyment is now, consequences are for later. This could explain the massive growth in the e-cigarette market, and that is a view held by Tony Jones, Director of Ten Motives, the largest supplier of these products in the UK. He says "The real challenge here is to allow people to continue something they enjoy whilst removing the associated health risks. E-cigarettes give smokers the nicotine they need combined with the full smoking experience, but without all the harmful elements of tobacco."

Ten Motives could be onto something if their 3000% growth in sales of the last 12 months are anything to go by. "With all Tesco stores, and Sainsbury's, COOP and many other retailers stocking our product nationally, as well as a thriving online business, this is a realistic opportuntity for all smokers to take the plunge, keep doing something they enjoy, and just quit tobacco'', said Jones.

So while "Stoptober" quite rightly grabs all the headlines, a quiet, steady and inexorable revolution appears to be gathering massive support in the background. Maybe at long last there is a practical and viable alternative to smoking tobacco.

I have been smoking cigarettes for more than 20 years and failed on many occassions to stop. This time however, I have chosen the e-cigarette and cannot believe I am now tobacco free for the first time in decades. My family and friends are really proud of me". Liz Phelps, Special Products Manager, South Wales Evening Post

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