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Event: The Manchester 100 Charity Bike Ride

Charity: Christie’s Cancer Trust – the Christie Hospital in Manchester has been and is world renowned for it’s pioneering work in Cancer treatment and research.

3 months ago on a whim, with the idea of having a goal to get fitter over the summer months we decided to commit a team of 6 to this very worthwhile and popular event, and so ‘Team 10 Motives’ was born consisting of 3 from the office and 3 suppliers who are also friends. With an age range of 27-51 it’s fair to say the levels of fitness were equally as diverse, although to be fair we are all either still are or have been fairly sporty. A fair amount of training was done but nothing could really have prepared us for two things. Firstly I know it’s an obvious statement but 100 miles is a very very long way, and secondly, between 7 to 8 hours on a saddle does shall we say, have repercussions! In fact we all agreed that had training rides exceeded 40-50 miles we would have realised what the actual 100 mile experience was going to be like and probably would have stayed in bed!

However, the experience of mingling amongst with 500-800 cyclists at 7.30 on a damp Sunday morning was exciting especially when there was already a crowd of noisy supporters and an official starter. Aside from the pain and sometimes monotony, we all made it. We all had battle scars from hilarious and unglamorous falls, and the sight of cheering supporters on route was bizarrely bottom lip quaveringly emotional.

Our quiet pride in ourselves is only surpassed by our gratitude to the 100 or so marshals who selfishly gave up their whole day to point us in the right direction at every junction, and of our wonderful friends, families and customers who have already contributed close to £7,000!

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