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Innokin MVP 20W Battery

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User Manual

The MVP20 is the newest addition of box Mods to the iTaste MVP vaporisers produced by the bestselling Innokin brand. Changes for the new MVP20 include a longer lasting 2600mAh battery, a wider range of Variable Voltage and Wattage, ‘Vape while you charge’ technology and advanced safety features. The MVP20 can also be used to charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices. This is the perfect gift for any experienced vaper.

*USB Charging cable included



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Innokin MVP20W Rechargeable Cigarette


Turning ON/OFF:

Press the “power” button three times in quick succession and the MVP20W will switch on. The main LED light will blink from RED to YELLOW to GREEN, after which the MVP20W will enter standby mode. The final colour of the LED light indicates the current battery level.


Activating Clearomiser:

To activate the MVP20W when the Clearomiser is attached, press and hold the “power” button.


If the “power” button is held for longer than 10 seconds the MVP20W will stop working until the ‘power’ button is released and pressed again.


Variable Voltage Mode:

To enter voltage mode press and hold the “U” button for 3 seconds. The screen will show the Puff counter first and followed by the current voltage setting, then the MVP20W will enter Voltage Mode. The voltage can be adjusted from 3.3V upwards to 7.5V in 0.1 volt increments by pressing the “u” button.


Variable Wattage Mode:

To enter wattage mode press and hold the “P” button for 3 seconds. The screen will show the Puff counter first and followed by the current wattage setting, then the MVP20W will enter Wattage Mode. The Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0W upwards to 20W in 0.5 watt increments by pressing the “P” button.



The MVP20W will use either voltage or wattage depending on the last setting chosen. If voltage is chosen the MVP20W will be in Voltage Mode and if wattage is chosen it will be in Wattage Mode.


Ohms Meter & Puff Counter:

Hold both the “P” and “U” buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The first reading is the resistance (ohms) to the attached Clearomiser and the second is the remaining volts


To see the number of puffs since the device was last switched off, press and either of the “P” or “U” buttons, the first reading will be the number of puffs and the second will be the current voltage or wattage setting depending on the mode. The puff counter will automatically ZERO itself when the MVP20W is switched off.


Battery Level Indicator:

Low Voltage Warning – when the RED LED light continues to blink for 8 seconds the battery capacity is lower than 3.3 volts and the MVP20W will automatically turn off.


Battery Capacity – When the LED lights GREEN the MVP20W is fully charged, when it lights YELLOW it is under 50% and RED indicates charging is immediately required.



With the provided USB cable connect the MVP20W to a high quality mains charger or a Usb port on a computer. Once connected to a power source the “power” button will flash from RED to YELLOW to GREEN and will enter standby mode. Once fully charged the “power” button will light GREEN and switch off.



While on charge the VV4 cannot be switched ON or OFF or the settings adjusted. As the MVP20W is a pass-through device it can be vaped while charging.


Short Circuit & Clearomiser Protection:

The RED LED light will remain lit for 5 seconds if a load short circuit is detected after which NO vapour will be produced. Check the device to determine the cause. If the cause of the short circuit cannot be found please contact your authorised Innokin supplier.  

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