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Welcome to Cirro 2 –our new entry level vapouriser. In terms of performance it is exactly the same as the Cirro and Cirro Duo. The main difference is it utilises a standard usb charger instead of a magnetic one and it has a few less flashing lights. More of a mass market model, if offers the cautious amongst us more cost effective introduction to the world of liquids and vaping! *Contains the CIRRO 2 Unit and USB Charger* *CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW INSTRUCTIONS*


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Customer reviews for "The CIRRO 2"

"Highly delighted "

Being new to vaping, I was looking for a starter kit to begin my Vape journey, this was when I stumbled upon 10motive and in particular a setup that used a clearomiser as this was recomended to me by a friend. I spoke to a very helpful lady at 10motive, she was a star in my opinion, nothing was too much trouble and she answered all my questions, I couldnt ask for better. Right from the off you can tell you are dealing with good quality, it may sound daft, but the packaging is sealed and I like that attention to my safety. You know its not been messed with. (or made up in someone's garage lol) The quality continues as you excitedly open the box to see how nicely the Cirro2 is made The hardest part was waiting 2 hrs for the battery to charge for the first time, but once up and running with some Cirro Cherry Bomb I was away. The brushed finish on the battery is nice to hold, the clearomiser has a nice draw I found itd best not to suck hard, I just draw slowly for 4-5 seconds and get a full satisfying puff I dont know the chances of landing first time on a product when theres a bewildering amount of choice out there, but for me a smoker for 40+ years, this is a god send, I've not had a ciggy since.

Steve on 19/10/18

"Definitely Worth It"

Several years ago, after having smoked for about 10 years, I started buying the 10 Motives cigalike and haven't had a real cigarette since. Having been unable to get my usual cartridges for it, I decided to give the Cirro 2 a whirl about a year ago and am glad I did. It's a superior vape to the cigalike, and I find it more economical as well. A bottle of e-liquid can last nearly two weeks and the average clearomiser is good for just over a week. I've gone from buying 4-5 packs of cigalike cartridges every 3-4 weeks to buying 3 clearomisers and a couple of bottles of e-liquid over the same time which is a decent saving over the course of the year. Battery life is really good, though I recommend getting a spare battery as you can easily forget to charge it. On a full charge, I find a battery can last for a couple of days. The hit on the CE4 clearomiser is really satisfying and the lifespan of the actual battery is good. Whereas my Cigalike batteries would be near unusable after six months, two years later I've not needed to replace my Cirro battery yet. They market this one as an entry-level but I've honestly no desire to replace it or move to anything else. This does the job perfectly.

Chris on 12/05/18

"Superb Item."

3 years ago after smoking for about 35 years, I stopped smoking proper cigarettes due to shortness of breath and changed to 10 Motives Cigalikes 24mg which suited me well, but recently I decided to upgrade, so chose the Cirro and am very please with it. Better battery life and vapour than the cigalikes and the 24mg tobacco liquid is really good IMHO. I prefer the clearamiser with the wicks as I find they give a better hit and flavour than the ones without the wick, but they do hold less liquid so need topping up more. Well worth the money.

Pete on 07/04/17

"Really Impressed !"

I am an 80 year old ex heavy smoker (40 a day!) who stopped smoking 7 years ago due to collapsed arteries in my lower legs,caused by a lifetime of smoking (my lungs are fine!). However, all this time, I frequently become overwhelmed with a desire for a 'smoke' - possibly about 3 or 4 times a week, but have always resisted. I saw the 'Cirro 2' on offer at my local CoOp at £9.95 and liquid at £2.95, and gave in to temptation, to try this product. I chose the 'Regular' at 18mg strength, and after a week of just having possibly 30-40 'puffs' a day, my wife tells me I am a much more relaxed and easier going person, and added to this, I feel really at peace after a cup of tea and 4 or 5 puffs. Hmmmm... It was make or break time today, as to whether I put it away in a drawer and forget about it, or order more supplies... I am sure you will guess the outcome - 3 different flavours ordered, plus a spare battery and 2 Clearomisers. Thanks for producing a beautifully engineered bit of kit, and I now look forward to my delivery. Happy Vaping, folks... John ...

John on 11/09/15


I smoked my last cigarette on 2nd feb this year using the cirro e cig.having smoked for nearly 20yrs I didn't have much faith.these are great.i dont crave cigarettes and cannot stand the smell of them.only problem with these is sometimes the liquid leaks into the battery so you inhale hot liquid and need a new clearomister.I also normally buy mine from Tesco as cannot find them anywhere else and they have not had deliveries in ages.

Amanda on 25/08/15

"Love it"

I got this from tesco after being ill with pneumonia, I have completely quit smoking now with no cravings at all, it would be nice to have more choice of flavours and strengths of e liquid at tesco but love the device

Bassetgreyhound on 30/07/15

"Not bad...."

Instructions arent detailed enough when it comes to injecting the fluid - Tesco only stock 'regular' which isnt your fault but maybe you need better sales people lol. Got myself started for 20 quid....lets see how it goes!

Stuart Wolves on 21/06/15

"fantastic product "

I bought this for when out in places where I couldn't smoke and wasn't expecting to use it a great deal but Since buying I must say I prefer this to actually smoking which I was very surprised about. The only time I've had a cigarette is when the battery is charging but im about to order a spare battery to combat this. The cirro itself is great quality and easy to use and the oil has a very smooth and satisfying flavour. Living with a non smoker and a child this really is a god send. My sense of smell and taste have improved and when I do have a cigarette now it's not a pleasant experience at all taste or smell wise. The smell of my clothes and house has been a noticeable improvement too. One 10ml oil easily lasts a week so the savings are amazing too. All in all you cannot beat this product for price/ value or product quality I have and will be recommending this product to everyone.

deb on 30/04/15


Since buying this product in a Tesco I was able to give up smoking and it is so much cheaper than smoking as other people have said you only have to replace the liquid and clearomizer every so often. Brilliant! I have now invested in a Cirro 3.

Jdan360 on 29/04/15

"Best E Cig I've found on the market"

I've tried several different brands of e cigs in the past and I've never been able to stick with them and totally give up ''the weed''. Then a friend recommended the Cirro 2, after she had been cigarette free for 3 months. Well I must admit I am definitely impressed & have not smoked a normal cigarette for 2 weeks. It's just the right weight and feels comfortable in the hand. Dead easy to use and fill with the e liquid. I used to smoke around 15 normal cigarettes a day so would say I'm an average user. The battery lasts me 2 days after a full charge and I fill the clearomiser with e liquid once a day. By the way, I originally ordered tobacco flavoured 18mg liquid but found this far too strong. I've now decided that I much prefer the 11mg Utterly Menthol, 11mg Coffee and the 6mg Cherry Bomb flavours but will be trying out a few of the other flavours very soon. I can only say thanks for this great piece of kit - it has succeeded where others failed.

Maz on 14/04/15

Rated 4.5/5 by 17 customers

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