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Disposable Electronic Cigarette Menthol

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10 Motives Menthol Disposable Electronic Cigarettes contains the equivalent to 40 traditional cigarettes.

While traditional cigarette packets only last for the amount you have bought, just one of these disposable cigarettes can be used up to 40 times, ensuring that the customer gets great value for money.

Ten Motives have ensured that these menthol disposables offer great value, while providing a quality vaping experience. This is smoking without the smoke; menthol disposables provide the nicotine fix without the tobacco. A menthol vapour is inhaled, not smoke, providing a refreshing, tobacco-free experience.

*Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerin, May contain nut traces*

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Customer reviews for "Disposable Electronic Cigarette Menthol "


Highly recommend. Purchase every month with fast free delivery

Jen on 08/12/17

"e cigarette"

apart from the very occasional dud a high class product.

e cigarette on 23/06/17

"This is brilliant"

I'm been looking this for such a long time. I thought I'm gonna give a try, but now it is my favourite cigarette ever! Rich of fresh menthol flavour, doesn't makes me smell at all. And fully satisfied my needs. Highly recommended!!' Thank you very much.

Dariusz on 06/10/15

"Best product out there"

After sneaking away a few times to use this in a toilet cubicle during my wife's 16 hour labour, I haven't smoked a cigarette in nearly 4 months. Good amount of vapour, flavour not overpowering, easy on the throat, hard and tactile product. I find it performs much better than a rechargeable. It also suits my work. I couldn't bring a flashy 40quid e cig to work as it will break. Only downside is I have bought a few duds. Remember to keep your receipt as in my haste to get a nicotine fix I binned it along with packaging. This is the only reason I stopped smoking.

Gaz on 14/06/15

"My favourite"

These helped me give up smoking and I haven't looked back. I love the menthol flavour and help me when I get a craving and gives my hands something to do. I prefer the disposables as they re more safe than the rechargeable ones. I will buy again, especially as they arrive the next day!

HUBBABELL on 03/05/15

"Where have they gone?"

These are very good and have helped me to give up smoking real cigarettes. BUT - what has happened to DIAMOND disposables?????

Julie on 03/06/14

"tried my brothers and will not look back"

Never having tried an E cig Was fortunate enough to try for myself before I bought one.It was the real thing for me from the start, but as I'm not a heavy smoker thought it a bit extreme to buy...even though I have been trying to stop for a year. So gave it a go and have seriously not had a proper cig for 3 is as fulfilling as a real cig but the novelty is still yet to wane so will be back in a couple of weeks with an update..thanks this space

debs on 13/09/13

"at last!!!!"

Someone finally created a cigarette that won't kill me, won't make me smell, won't make my teeth rot leaves my lungs fresh and tar free. I have been able to stop for over a year now and I will never smoke again, my only problem now is reducing my need to smoke an electronic cigarette. I now get grief as im paying out for these....but at least ill be around longer for them to nag at me!!!!

lou on 03/08/13


I don't smoke in front of my children so this was a must have item, I smoke menthols anyways but this is as good as the real thing and tastes even I can have a crafty smoke without harming my loved ones..what a winner

peter on 18/07/13


28 years of smoking, 20/30 a day.. The only reason I decided to quit, was because of the disgusting amount of money I was spending a month! The trouble is I actually enjoy smoking, so after reading reviews on this product, I thought why not give it a try. Wow.. I never thought anything would help me stop.. This product is brilliant, I have not touched a cig all week, I don't have any cravings what so ever, for me its just like smoking the real thing, being able to blow 'smoke' out makes this so life like, but without, the cloud of smelly smoke constantly lingering in my house, no more dirty ash trays, no more late night cig runs to the petrol station. I never thought for a second it would work for me, and it has, Im really pleased. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone. If I can stop smoking, anyone can.. give it a go, you have nothing to lose!!

Broomstick on 06/07/13

Rated 4.5/5 by 10 customers

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