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Disposable Electronic Cigarette Regular


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This Regular Disposable Electronic Cigarette is the best value disposable cigarette you’ll ever own. Traditional over-the-counter cigarette packets are only good for the amount of cigarettes you buy. A Ten Motives disposable e-cigarette however contains an amount of nicotine equivalent to up to 40 traditional cigarettes.

It’s not only value for money that places this disposable electronic vapour cigarette ahead of the competition either. With Ten Motives’ expertise at designing premium e-cigarette products, you will enjoy a better tasting electronic cigarette with a truly satisfying finish.

Leave the dirty, messy paper cigarettes of the past behind and move on to the future of smoking: refined, improved and enhanced by the power of vaping.

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a lighter every again. Better still, with a disposable e-cigarette nothing burns! You inhale vapour not smoke making it an ideal alternative for smokers seeking a better way to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Smoke-free, tobacco-free, hassle-free!

Furthermore, a disposable e-cigarette removes the restrictions that are usually placed on smokers out in public. No longer will you be banned from smoking indoors or outside of designated smoking areas. Put away the traditional cigarettes and put away the inconvenience.

*Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Vegetable Glycerin, May contain nut traces*

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Customer reviews for " Disposable Electronic Cigarette Regular"

"10 Motives regular disposable"

I had been smoking for many years and tried to give it up lots of times. I hated the way it made my breath, hair, clothes, house and car smell. Also, it was becoming increasingly socially unacceptable and unpopular. I tried many other electronic cigarettes before finding this brand which I love. I prefer the disposables so that I don't have to mess about recharging them. They are very clean and produce no horrid smell so there is nothing to lose but massive benefits in changing to these. I will never go back to smoking normal cigarettes now. I have had the odd one which didn't work, but there is absolutely no problem in sending it back and obtaining a replacement. I can highly recommend this product which you can purchase online or at Lloyds Pharmacies or the major supermarkets.

J. Brennan on 21 Feb

"10Motives Regular Disposable"

I started using these following my stroke 5 years ago. I had been smoking over 20 a day for 35 years, and was informed by the hospital to stop smoking as otherwise, I risked further strokes in the future. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to 10Motives, but once I had, I didn't notice the difference. I find that they totally satisfy my craving, and would never return to smoking normal cigarettes. They provide that bite at the back of the throat that normal cigarettes do which, after all, is what your body wants. With 10Motives you even make money in points to reduce the cost of further purchases once sufficient points have been reached. I would strongly recommend these as an alternative to regular smoking. I rarely complete Reviews, but this to me is an important one, as using 10Motives has prevented me from potentially having another stroke, whilst allowing me that little pleasure to which I have become accustomed for so long. To date, no evidence has been found to suggest that vapour cigarettes are also harmful, so give them a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Debi on 19/02/18

"I quit with Ten Motives Disposable Regular"

Next week it will be two years since I smoked a real cigarette. I was on at least forty a day and reckon I had smoked half a million since I was twelve. For quite a while after quitting I only used Ten Motives Disposables. I tried other disposables, but most did not taste right, or they were the wrong size, or they stupidly glowed red, or they only lasted a few hours. One Ten Motives can last me more than a day. I use vapers and rechargeables as well now, but I always keep a disposable or two on me when I'm out because they're so convenient in an emergency. The supermarket battery bank gets all my empties! Very occasionally I have had a dud - not working when it's opened. But Ten Motives has always sent me a replacement immediately without question. I've only ever come across one or two people who claim to be able to smell them, and one old gent in my local refuses to believe that vapour is not smoke. But most people are quite happy about e-cigs. I agree that e-cig products should be properly tested and I hope someone gets on with that before the busybodies try to ban them. I'd also like to see more options with lower nicotine levels. Meanwhile, I know how much better my health is because of products like this. Here's to the next two years!

Ian on 03/04/15

"A great product"

I buy these for my 86 year old mother who has successfully given up smoking ordinary cigarettes after 60 years by using these. No more smell of smoke and her health has improved.

Alison on 15/09/14



ANDREA on 26/06/14

"Best e cig by far"

I stopped smoking 11 months ago following a health scare. Have used 10 Motives since then and much prefer disposables. Wish there were more offers as they are still quite expensive and regularly get a pack which has no battery. However, I know that without these I would be back on the bad cigs. Thanks 10 motives!!!

Annie31 on 12/04/14

"Best ecig ever"

I have tried many different brands of ecigs and this is the only one that has kept me off the cigarettes. I even tried your rechargeable one but didnt like it at all. The only issue is that in every batch I buy ( normally from Sainsburys) there is always one that does not work/empty. Its difficult to take them back once you have taken them out of the packet. Please please please can you do some quality checks to ensure all your ecigs do work.

Lesley on 24/01/14

"Best ever"

having recently been in the UK I was introduced to the E cigarette by a family member. i have tried several on the market where I live with no effect. I did not smoke traditionally the whole time i was in England, only used this device. Now back home i have made an online order.Looking forward to its arrival.

sarum123 on 23/01/14

"not sure"

it is satisfaction. it makes you feel like you dont need to have a real cig. but i am not sure about the smell first when i bought i hated the smell the smell wasnt like the tobacca. the second time i had to buy again there wasnt any other e cig in the a local shop. and i liked it and bought again. and this time the smell was so horrible i felt sick when you in heal the smell was like a gas. yes like a gas from lighter burning and you smoking. i feel more concern about smoking e cig than normal tobacco. i know tobacca is not healthy can cause cancer but i know who smokes normal cigarette they are still life in their 70 80 s and smoke for 50 years. e cig is the new thing i dont know if its really better option than normal tobacca after i felt tes of smoking gas from motives e cig. i dont know if i am damaging my body as nothing has been proven yet we wait to see what will happen next few or 5 10 years. hope we wont heat anything about people getiing cancer

not sure on 17/01/14


So I've smoked for about 11 years, not long compared to many, but long enough to find it hard or near impossible to quit. I know I probably should quit, as smoking ain't good for you, but hell I enjoy it too much, it's such a part of my life that taking it away would be (and this is not an exageration) like taking a hand or foot away, it's the first thing I do when I wake, after I eat, on my break at work, on the way to work, on the way home, and when ever I'm bored , there is no way I could quit. Just imagine someone telling you that from now on your not allowed to use your right hand anymore, that is the what the prospect of quitting is to me. Know I work in a local supermarket, one of my jobs is working behind the kiosk where we sell cigarette products, I've begun serving people 10 Motives and various E-Cigarette products (Although for the purpose of this post here, there is only one brand worth touching, that's 10 Motives) and I've been asking these customers, are they really any good, do they work, I just don't know, I'm naturally a sceptical person, so forgive me if someone says you know that smoking thing that is ruining your health, making you skint and smell like crap, well there is now a way to not smell like crap, do it a lot cheaper, and be a lot healthier, oh and did I mention you can use them indoors, at this time of the year that should sell these things alone. So anyway long story short, I took the plunge 2 days ago and bought a disposable 10 Motives, and I was blown away by how effective it was, with 2 hours I'd taken the decision to invest in a rechargeable one with extra filters, which is sitting charged and read for when my disposable finally ends, I tell you know pack of fags or pouch of tobacco has ever lasted as long as this thing has. People who smoke, you NEED to check this thing out, it is with out question the future of smoking, the non-smokers made smoking anti-social and "Bad" well smoking just bit back with an alternative which no Do Good Anti Smoker can touch, fact. Thank you 10 Motives, I can't wait to see what's next, I've always had this crazy notion of Citrus or Cherry flavors in addition to Menthol?

Victor on 17/01/14

Rated 5/5 by 12 customers

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